Cleaning is provided five times a week, Monday through Friday, excluding Lease holidays. Cleaning standards for Class A Office Buildings will be maintained. Please notify the Property Management Office immediately if a deviation from these standards exists so that appropriate corrective action can be taken.

Wastebaskets should contain only that trash which is to be removed by cleaning personnel. Any trash to be removed that is not in the usual wastebasket should be clearly marked with "Trash" and/or "Basura" emblems, available in the Property Management Office. Tenant is responsible for removal and disposal of large packing cases or shipping boxes.

Coffee grounds must be placed in plastic bags for wastebasket disposal and must not be washed down any plumbing facilities, nor poured into plant containers. Liquids should not be placed in wastebaskets. Tenant will be charged for any plumbing and pest control services due to improper disposal.

All food items should be refrigerated or thrown out at the end of each business day, and should not be left on counters, desks, tables, etc.

If food deliveries are made to the suite, the Tenant is responsible for ensuring that food and beverages are not spilled or splattered in the lobbies, elevators, or corridors. If an accident occurs, please notify the Property Management Office immediately.

Pest control service is provided for the common areas and the grounds around the Building.

Unless provided in your Lease, carpet cleaning during the term of the Lease will be at each Tenant's expense. The janitorial contractor is equipped to provide this service. Please contact the Property Management Office for details and cost estimates.

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